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Combat travel pain and dreadful journeys!

Long journeys can be enormously tiring and uncomfortable. Say goodbye to headaches, aches and discover the ultimate comfort of LugGo. 

''I travel a lot! my bag is always full and the backpack can be heavy. With the amount of tech and cables, we need to carry keep growing every year and my back is not getting any younger. whoever doesn't have one do Yourself a favour and GET ONE. This is a real deal it saves my arms and there is a handy pocket to keep your bits.'' - Miles



REDUCE MUSCLE STRAIN- Transport multiple bags without breaking a sweat all on top of your luggage.

MAKE TRAVEL EASY- The strap allows you to secure a second bag, Coat, handbag, suitcase to your carry on or wheeled luggage, saves on space, greatly enhancing your travel experience.

ORGANISED AND ACCESSIBLE-  Unlike your purse or briefcase, LugGo keeps your travel documents and important items available when you need them.

ULTRA DURABLE- Made from heavy-duty nylon fabric, secure quick release buckle closure ensures security, super lightweight to provide a hassle-free travelling experience.

HIGH DEMAND- Orders arrive in 7 to 13 business days.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- If something is wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund.

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Size Guide

Width: 17.5cm/6.8″
Height: 21cm/8.2″
Weight: Up to 300g (depends on the model)

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