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Increase convenience and comfort with LugGo travel pouches

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Improved travel experience


Eliminate your travel frustrations with LugGo

Our flagship product is a travel organizer and adjustable strap that allows you to secure your secondary bag and easily access your most important items. Here’s what it can help you do:


Transport multiple bags without breaking a sweat.


Store essential items in a readily accessible pouch.


Keep your personal information safe with built-in RFID protection.


Attach quickly and easily to almost any type of bag.


Secure multiple bags


Install on any luggage case


Store in an accessible pouch


How your baggage can weigh you down

Getting to where you need to go isn’t always easy. Having to carry multiple bags and losing track of your valuables in them are just two ways that your luggage situation can lead to irritation. We believe in neutralizing those frustrations and letting you focus on what really matters: Enjoying your travel experience.


Crafted with a level of comfort and function that you won’t find anywhere else.

What Makes LugGo Special

Baggage straps are nothing new, and to be honest, conventional models can be beneficial for travelers. Unfortunately, they require too much maintenance and rarely incorporate a pouch.

LugGo separates itself from the pack by giving you storage space and never forcing you to remove your straps. This intelligent design takes worry and time-wasting out of the equation.

Quickly access your most essential items

Have you ever walked up to a security gate and realized that you couldn’t find your ticket or ID? The truth is that almost every traveler runs into these situations, despite them being entirely avoidable. LugGo keeps you prepared at all times by allowing you to keep your most essential items in an easy to reach place.

Secure multiple bags

Install on any luggage case

Store in an accessible pouch



Quality you can count on


There’s nothing worse than a cheap product that falls apart quickly. That’s why we designed LugGo with rich, high-quality nylon. The result is a travel pouch that looks amazing and is built to last.


Streamline your travel experience


It’s time to say goodbye to carrying heavy bags and rummaging through them to find your valuables. Using a LugGo travel pouch is an affordable and effective way to do just that. Give us a try today and we’re confident that you’ll never go back to the way you used to travel.