Travel Spray Bottle

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Take your perfume with you everywhere! 

Do you hate trying to fit all the liquids you need in an airport liquids bag? 

3 Pieces 6 ml refillable perfume atomiser fragrance spray bottles with 1 funnel filler for travel handbag 

Package contents: 
Includes 3 pieces empty fragrance bottles in 3 different colours and 1 piece small funnel. 

Colored casings of perfume bottles: 
Solid black, purple and silver come in cylindrical shapes, made of durable aluminium, stylish and protective outer casings, suitable for different ages people to carry and use in indoor and outdoor. 

Transparent body inside: 
You can see the remaining quantity of perfume or other liquids in bottle clearly. 

Strong 6 ml perfume atomizer spray bottle, just fill 1 time then can spray 50-60 times. 

Portable size: 
Overall height: 8.5 cm; Diameter: 1.8 cm; Handy size for easy carrying, leak-proof fragrance travel bottle can be put in your purse, pocket or handbag, to store your favorite perfumes wherever you go. 

With small funnel: 
You can easy to fill/ refill the perfume; Besides, easy to dismantle and assemble these perfume bottle atomizers. 

Capacity: 6 ml 
Material: glass and aluminum 
Bottles color: black, purple and silver 
Spray bottle height: 85 mm 
Spray bottle diameter: 18 mm 
Funnel height: 39 mm 
Funnel diameter: 31 mm 

Package includes: 
3 x Perfume atomiser refillable bottles 
1 x Funnel 

These bottles are empty, no perfume in the bottles.